It's another day in Ole Taipei

Down in downtown Taipei – it’s been three years since we’ve been here in the city that truly never sleeps.

There is some kind of health scare afoot – coming through immigration last night, we were dragged out of the scrum and a very attractive Chinese lady stuck a machine in my right ear and then said, “you’re ok”. I don’t think the machine was an ear wax extractor, because all the officials were wearing face masks and in fact there is an unusually high incidence of people wearing face masks in the city too.

These face masks – couldn’t they make them different colours? A beautiful woman immaculately dressed in designer gear somehow doesn’t look the same when her mouth is covered in a “clinician green” mask. There’s no colour coordination with the outfit.

In our hotel there is, as usual, a list of do’s and don’t. This one doesn’t have the famous “you are not allowed to bring your horse into your room” edict.

But it does, nevertheless, offer its own flavour of Ole Taipei.  For example the first rule is “Chick-in (sic) after 2.00PM. Check out before 12:00 noon.”

So you’re allowed to bring your chick in after 2.00PM but it doesn’t say when you have to throw your chick out.

Computex 30

We’re here to hear what the guys from Taitra have to say about Computex – it is its 30 year anniversary.  You can tell it is, because there is some strange red haired kid here to let you know the fact.

More coverage when we know more. And footage. Maybe.