ITC delays Rambus decision

The US International Trade Commission has delayed a decision on a patent complaint brought by chip designer Rambus against Nvidia and other companies,  at least for a couple more days.

We had been waiting for the answer on this particular complaint as it is really important for Nvidia  which could be really damaged by the outcome.

The announcement was expected yesterday,  after an ITC judge had ruled in January that Nvidia and others violated three Rambus patents.

The entire commission was to issue its decision on whether to uphold that ruling on Monday for some reason the announcement will be made on Wednesday instead.

At the centre of the announcement will be three patents issued to Rambus engineer Richard Barth for technology that controls and manages the flow of computer data to and from a chip’s memory.
Rambus licenses those and other patents for use in other company’s products, such as Sony’s  Playstation 3.

Rambus filed the lawsuit in 2008 naming AP, Asustek, Micro-star and Pine Technology.

If the judge’s decision is upheld, then Rambus could end up blocking the importation of Nvidia gear into the United States.  Specifically DDR, DDr-2, DDR-3, GDDR, GDDR-2, and GDDR-3 memory controllers which are all supposed to have technology that infringes Rambus patents.