IT spending in the US looks grim

The annual Computer Economics: IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks report is out, and it says things don’t look good for IT spending over in the US.

The report, which looks at 200 organisations in the US and Canada, has found that 42 percent of IT groups are laying off staff this year – pretty much the same as the dire 2009, where 46 percent said they would be making reductions in IT. 

Some of the survey respondents said that yes, their budgets are good enough to bring on new staff – but that’s only 28 percent of all who were asked.

Frank Scavo of Computer Economics thinks the forecast is more downbeat than expected. However, there is an upside: the majority of IT execs don’t think there will be further budget cuts this year. “Hopefully, the worst may be over,” he said.

It seems that IT execs are pretty confident they’ll be able to spend all of their budget: 58 percent said they did not expect budget reductions. 15 percent are still hopeful that they will get the green light to go ahead and spend more than was outlined. 27 percent of execs surveyed say that they do expect to lose more in their budgets – though it’s apparently an improvement on last year.

The executive summary can be found here