IT professionals overconfident about crap interviews

In a time when jobs are sparse, especially in IT, recruitment consultants are warning that IT professionals are shooting themselves in the foot and failing to impress at the first stage of the process – the CV.

According to experts at, 74 percent of IT professionals agree that they are better represented in person than on paper. Of course it is pushing its wares, suggesting that if prospective employees want to impress they should opt for a high-end CV with an augmented reality CV

The top problems with IT professional’s CVs tend to be spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, irrelevant listed skills, they’re too lengthy and that they can ramble on.

IT professionals, according to those surveyed by CWJobs, are confident that once past the CV stage they’re confident that they’ll do well in an interview.

82 percent of IT professionals feel they have a certain swagger during interviews. But IT recruiters think confidence may be misplaced – with 66 percent saying they often experience “poor communication skills”. Awkward IT workers, who’d have thought?

Going on and on about nothing at all, and dressing inappropriately casually are top hitters for negative IT interviews.