iPhone 4 leaker faces long stretch

A bloke who spilled Steve Job’s secret plans for his iPhone 4 could go to jail for 30 years.

Walter Shimoon, 39, pleaded guilty to talking part in a cunning plan in which he gave confidential information to workers and clients of an expert networking firm. This included secret information on Apple and other companies.

According to AP, Shimoon provided inside information to a consultant who operated a research firm and then provided the information to certain money managers.

Of course the insider dealing thing was not the reason he was initially arrested. Coppers snapped the cuffs on for breaking the cult of secrecy that surrounds every Apple product. Jobs works on the principle that if people know what his next product is, they will not hype it as much.

Shimoon however leaked secrets about Apple’s iPad before it was formally launched, as well as providing fresh information about the iPhone 4.

He got all the information because he was a business development chief at Flextronics International, he then shared the secrets with employees and clients of the firm and to Primary Global Research, a consulting firm that paid him about $27,500.

He also got his paws on sales forecasts information and new product features for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone mobile phone.

It looks like he could be facing up to 30 years behind bars after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud, and one count of securities fraud.

If he is unlucky he could be sentenced to have his brains sucked out and his personality replaced by a disneyesque caricature so that he can work off his debt to Apple working in one of their stores.