iPad kills US jobs, says Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson, the younger, has had a rant at the iPad which he claims is responsible for killing US jobs.

Jackson said that he bought into the Jobs’ Mob dream and spent cash on an iPad. But he was horrified to discover that book shops like Borders and Barnes & Noble were closing down as a result of countless people doing the same thing.

He pointed out that Chicago State University were not being given textbooks any longer. They are all being given iPads as they enter school.

Jackson feared for the future of publishing companies and publishing company jobs – and what becomes of bookstores and librarians and all of the jobs associated with paper.

Jackson said that Steve Jobs is doing pretty well. He’s created the iPad and while this has made life more efficient for Americans, the gizmo was produced in China.

It was the Chinese who get to take advantage of that First Amendment value to provide freedom of speech through the iPad to the American people, he said.

However there was no protection for American jobs to make sure that US people were being put to work.

He didn’t mention the Kindle or ebook readers which were also made overseas, but we guess that since he bought an iPad he has also been wired into Apple to think it is the only device out there.

Such comments of course have bought the attacks from the tame Apple press  who claim that Jobs Mob hires a lot of “smart people” to” design, develop and engineer the products”.

However they would have been better off pointing out that the book market will change, just like the movie and music industry had to change, and rather than trying to hang onto “old jobs” the US would be better off making sure that people could get new ones.