International buyers want Computex improvements

Facilities for international buyers at the Nangang exhibition centre are inadequate, some of those people have claimed.

An Indian visitor told TechEye he had spent considerable time and money attending Computex but was “frankly disappointed” at the level of service he received.

He said Taitra, the organisers, had given him a two day MRT pass but failed to tell him that it was only for this period. He found himself embarrassed on the Banaan line of the metro and had to shell out NT dollars just to get through the barriers.

Another buyer, from Indonesia, bitterly complained about Nangang too. He said that Taitra should provide trolleys so that when they collected marketing collateral and other literature they didn’t have to sweat it out traversing the different levels here.

He said that other facilities at Nangang are also inadequate. There is not enough seating – either inside or outside – for visitors. Prices for food are also a little on the high side, he said.

But his major problem wasn’t with the facilities here, but with the general quality of the show. It is his eighth Computex and, he said, he has seen a steady decline in opportunities year after year.