Intelsat sues HDTV Media Group for three million bucks

A court case started in a DC district court with Intelsat suing HDTV Media Group for three million dollars.

Intelsat said it provided telecomms services to HDTV Media under a contract entered into on January 15, 2008.

Intelsat alleges that the defendant failed to pay invoices to the tune of $352,152.87.  On March 13th 2009, Intelsat told the defendant it owed this money and would terminate the agreement if payment wasn’t received in five days. It cut off the defendants services on March the 19th, 2009.

Intelsat said that a caluse in the contract allows Intelsat to claim a termination fee for non-payment equal to the total remaining service fees for the term of the contract.

So Intelsat is owed $3,039,679.41 with interest at the rate of 16 percent.

“Despite repeated demand for payment, defendant has failed to make payments as due,” the suit alleges.