Intel's Q3 results will disappoint

Chipzilla says its revenue won’t live up to its previously uttered expectations. Everyone’s favourite chipmaker said it will be around $11 billion, add or take $200 million. Intel had originally claimed it would have revenues somewhere between $11.2 and $12 billion.

Evil consumers are not spending money on hardware with Intel inside are to blame as demand is weaker than expected “for consumer PCs in mature markets.” It’s so sad.

Despite suffering from weaker revenues, Intel says everything is going to stay just peachy, except for its gross margin which will be at 66 percent instead of 67 percent. Give or take a couple of point estimates either way.

At least the share prices are unfazed – Intel shares are up by 1.71 percent plus or minus one percent at time of print on the NYSE.

Intel’s fabless mobile rival ARM so far has outperformed its competitor by not releasing a warning.