Intel will refresh Braswell

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsChipzilla plans to refresh its embedded “Braswell” lineup which consists of Celeron N3000, N3050, N3150 and Pentium N3700 systems-on-a-chip.

Details and model numbers of future SoCs were revealed in a Product Change Notification, published this week and spotted by CPU World.

According to the PCN, new processors will have increased burst frequency which could mean better CPU and GPU performance.

Celeron and Pentium N3xxx SoCs are based on C core stepping, and it seems that Intel is replacing this with D-stepping, which is just a jump to the left and a step to the right.

The chips will be the proud new owners of model numbers N3060, N3160 and N3710 and the integrated graphics unit will be rebranded to HD Graphics 405 on the Pentium chip, and to HD Graphics 400 on the Celerons.

D-stepping chip samples will appear at the end of November 2015, and the first production chips will be shipped on January 15, 2016. The embedded N3000 will be refreshed too, although details on that have not turned up yet.

Chipzilla is planning to release new mobile and desktop models. The desktop SoCs will have a performance boost and a rebranded GPU. The TDP increased from 6 Watt to 6.5 Watt, and they will be blessed with new numbers – J3060, J3160 and J3710.

Availability dates for desktop Celeron J3060, J3160 and Pentium J3710 models are the end of November for samples, and mid-January of 2016 for production parts.