Intel wants more Americans to work for it

Intel is trying to get its paws on America’s finest minds after investing huge amounts of cash in plants in foreign parts.

Sillicon Valley Intel’s director for Global Public Policy Peter Cleveland told the Hill that the semiconductor manufacturer has always tried to hire Americans but has not been able to find enough qualified homegrown engineers for its high-level projects.

He said that Intel was an American success story and he wanted more American engineers.

Cleveland said he hired 43,000 American workers. “We produce one of the most complex products on earth and we do it in America,” he claimed. Well they also make a fair chunk in Israel and the Far East but don’t let facts get in the way of some flag waiving.

However Cleveland said the US simply doesn’t produce enough MA and doctorate level students in engineering, math and the hard sciences to fill the number of jobs that open up in the tech sector every year.

This means that Intel has had to go to China and India, which exports thousands of engineering graduate students to the US every year.

Half of the graduate degrees in those fields awarded at American universities go to foreign students, Cleveland pointed out.

Apparently the problems is Wall Street, which also needs engineering and maths graduates, while highly qualified American computer scientists often choose the entrepreneurial or management route rather than working in a technical capacity for a behemoth like Intel.

He thinks however that the continued recession may be changing that dynamic.

There is a growing distaste for Wall Street has made the manufacturing and development of hardware a more attractive field for America’s best and brightest.