Intel to assist Taiwan's aims of cloud-computing development

Intel chief Paul Otellini yesterday announced an expanded partnership with Taiwan as the country aims to develop expertise in the cloud-computing industry in order to capitalise on business opportunities.

Otellini signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Economic Affairs yesterday and announced plans to provide finances and expertise to assist Taiwan’s ambitions, including helping to fund an international research centre at a top university along with the National Research Centre. 

“Intel will provide technical support for the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ cloud computing industry development initiative. The program is to transform the nation’s IT industry from global supplier of -Internet-connected devices to producer of the world’s cloud computing software, services and hardware,” Otellini said.

Taiwan has been interested in teaming up with Intel for a while now and the chip making giant has this week unveiled a new plant to increase production capacity in the East.

Now Intel will provide technical support for Taiwan’s ambitions to develop cloud computing technologies and applications, an area that Taiwan have identified as a key area of growth within the IT industry.  This will involve supplying firms Inventec Corp and Wistron Corp with training  and technical resources and necessary technologies to develop cloud computing in Taiwan.

“Creating a seamless, interoperable experience across all computing devices is an exciting opportunity for Intel and Taiwan to pursue together. The joint projects will extend a partnership that has long fuelled IT innovation globally and positioned Taiwan as a global technology powerhouse,” said Otellini, according to the Taipei Times.

Intle will also join with Chunghwa Telecom in order to develop cloud computing architecture and usage models by supplying engineering support including technical workshops and collaborating on cloud technologies and data centre power management practices.  They will also develop close and open end platforms for smart TV.

“Chunghwa Telecom and Intel look forward to working together to establish a strong ecosystem of cloud computing,” Chunghwa Telecom chairman Lu Shyue-ching said.