Intel thinks future PCs will be like Kinect

Fashion bag maker Intel has been looking at its tarot cards and rattling its bones, and come to the conclusion that future PCs will look more like Microsoft’s Xbox based Kinect.

According to displays at CES, Intel is convinced that a PC session will be more like a badly choreographed game of charades. Of course Intel is not calling it that – the name is probably patented and trademarked.

Instead the company is dubbing it as “perceptual computing” because everyone knows, perception is everything. Intel execs are also saying that they want your PC to have “senses” and know your face.

Intel was telling the excited throngs that its face recognition technology could be used to unlock devices and track more facial features.

Apparently they have worked out a way to avoid a person breaking into your computer by waving a photograph of you downloaded from Facebook.

Chipzilla’s gesture recognition works within a 3D environment and can track all eight of your fingers and two thumbs. Intel showed a game where a user grabs and drops items.

Intel’s voice recognition is probably not anything more than a natural language voice-input which puts it in the league of Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice recognition tools, which still can’t do some accents.

Most of Chipzilla’s perceptive computing has been seen before in various gadgets, but it seems that Intel wants to put them together, in a goulash of gadgetry. Of course they say seamless a lot when they talk about such things, but PR rubbish leaves us in stiches so we prefer food references.

Ultimately, Intel’s future for the PC involves lots of arm waving and shouting at the screen. Pretty much what we do now, only the computer will understand us. We are not sure if this is a good thing