Intel sues Intell and Intell

Mega-corporation Intel has taken legal action against outfits called Intell Insurance Agency and Intell Graphics.

The reason for the case, filed in the Atlanta district court, is because Intell sounds and looks too similar to Intel.

“By using the name Intell – virtually identical to the world-famous Intel trademark – with the addition of the non-distinctive “Insurance Agency” and “Graphics”, defendants have caused and are likely to cause confusion that Intel is the source or sponsor of defendants’ services
or that there is an association between Intel and defendants,” said the filing.

Intel believes that the defendants will cause dilution of the Intel trademark.

It wants the court to stop the defendants from using URLs and other material. In the filing, Intel said it had made many attempts to resolve the matter amicably, but those now sued have refused to change their marks.

Intel goes through bouts of enforcing the Intel name – it’s been some months since we’ve seen one of these filings. Perhaps the chip giant has been busy resolving a minor legal matter or two with the FTC.