Intel sues Intel Electrical over intelectrical (sic) property

Intel has filed a lawsuit over the unauthorised use of its name by Minnesota firm Intel Electrical, seeking an injunction from further use of its trademarks.

The lawsuit, filed at the US District Court, District of Minnesota, on 1 December, claims that Intel Electrical shareholders Josann M. Johnson and Ryan D. Kirkeide have been using the registered name despite repeated attempts by Intel to persuade the electrical company to cease.

Intel is claiming that “by using a trade name and trademark name that wholly incorporate and emphasise the world famous INTEL trademark, Intel Electrical has caused and is likely to continue to cause confusion that Intel is the source or sponsors of Intel Electrical, or that there is an association between Intel and Intel Electrical.”

“In addition Intel Electrical’s acts are causing, and/or are likely to cause, dilution of the INTEL trademark.  Consequently Intel seeks injunctive relief and damages,” the lawuit states.

Intel has iterated its reputation as a “world famous company” which has, for over forty years, “used its INTEL family of marks trade name, trademark and service mark to identify virtually its entire line of products and services”. 

Intel asserts that it has sold $35 billion brand related products in 2009, going at lengths to explain the vast amount of products that are subject to trademarks banning the unauthorised reproduction of the brand name– from micro processing chips to jigsaw puzzles and even piggy banks, according to the lawsuit.

It has been alleged that Intel Electrical had been notified of  Intel’s desire for the Minnesota firm to desist from infringing on a registered trademark, with Intel claiming that “despite numerous attempts to resolve the dispute amicably, Intel Electrical has persisted in using the INTEL ELECTRICAL Marks, leaving Intel no choice but to file this complaint”.

Furthermore it is claimed that Intel Electrical’s began trading under the name “after Intel’s mark had become famous”.

Intel believes that the use of its name falsely indicates that Intel Electrical are connected, and that this could lead to confusion amongst consumers. Therefore Intel is seeking damages of $75,000 not including lawyer fees, alongside an injunction from Intel Electrical infringing upon its registered trademark, demanding proof that all Intel Electrical branded items are destroyed.