Intel sued for allegedly hijacking charity's trademark

An action started in a Georgia district court alleging that Intel and Vice Magazine Publishing hijacked a project name, breaching the trademark laws.

The Creatives Community Housing Project, a Georgia non-profit organisation, alleges that the Creatives Project was going well until May 17th this year, “when Intel and Vice hijacked Community’s plan, name and logo, with something defendants unoriginally called ‘The Creators Project‘.”

The lawsuit says that the action is being taken because of infringement of its service marks.

“Defendants are infringing the following five trademarks belonging to the Community: a) The Creatives Project (word mark), The Creatives Project (stylised mark), c) (domain names), d) The Atlanta Creatives Project (word mark) and e) The Atlanta Creatives Project (stylised mark),” the filing says.

The filing said that Vice and Intel announced their joint undertaking in May this year and called it The Creators Project. “Defendants jointly promote their enterprise on a website at and through press releases, live events, on-line journals, printed materials, all in interstate commerce.”

The Community claims that Vice, Intel or both have spent tens of millions of dollars promoting the Creators Project, including a $3 million launch party in New York City.

“The actual and likely confusion among the public that Community is affiliated with Vice/Intel’s The Creators Project is troubling to Community, especially due to content on Vice’s website, Content on defendant Vice’s website,, is extremely vulgar.”

The plaintiff alleges that a search on for the FCC’s notorious seven dirty words returned thousands of instances. “One of Community’s objectives is operate outreach programs to introduce art to youths. So the content on Vice’s website is intolerable, given that the public is confused as to an affiliation between Community and Vice/Intel.”

The plaintiff wants treble damages, an injunction and the like.