Intel strikes Bell and shuffles its deck

ShuffleIntel is carrying out a huge reorganisation to make sure that it can move into new products before people give up on PCs completely.

The Silicon Valley giant has created a new technology group, which combines a number of research and product-development efforts into a single organisation.

Intel’s new technology group would be led by Joshua Walden, a senior vice president and Intel veteran who previously shared oversight over the company’s platform development group.

Wearables has been one of the most visible priorities under Brian Krzanich which is still smarting from not seeing the new mobile market opening up.

Intel’s new unit would will include all the operations carried out by the company’s new devices group. That group’s general manager was Mike Bell. Bell will assume an unspecified but uplifting new role as a result of the reorganisation, which may or may not involve an office in the lift.

The group would incorporate what Intel had called its new business initiatives group, or NBI, which helped spur the creation of products outside of the company’s core chip operations. Bringing all such operations into one unit “will help to drive greater synergies,” the spokeswoman said.

It is important that Intel drives greater synergies. We had our synergies driven by a skilled racing synergist and found we no longer needed a snooze in the late afternoon.

The changes leave another senior vice president, Amir Faintuch, as the sole general manager of Intel’s platform development group, quietly stroking his white cat and laughing softly to himself..