Intel stole our ideas

The University of New Mexico is suing the might Chipzilla claiming that Intel nicked one of its ideas related to advanced chip manufacturing.

Through its patent arm, STC, the university filed a lawsuit against Intel on Monday alleging the infringement of patent number No. 6,042,998 which is all about double patterning lithography technology.

The technology is used to manufacture chips with tiny features the size of a few atoms strung together.

Lately chip makers have been trying to work out new ways to manufacture chips as the transistors and other components on them become smaller to fit into smaller devices.

Five other outfits have already signed licensing deals to make STC lawyers go away, These include Toshiba, Samsung Electronics, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC).

According to a statement from STC, the outfit filed this complaint to ensure that the interests of the University of New Mexico, its inventors and its licensees are protected.

Basically it wants cash from Intel for the unlicensed use of the advanced technology.

Intel has not make a statement on the case which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico.

STC said it was “reluctant” to turn to the courts to settle this issue, but did so after contacting Intel and coming to the conclusion they had “no other recourse.”