Intel reshuffles top suits

Intel has decided that the way forward for dynamic change is to shuffle its suits and give them new offices and titles.

Intel named Brian Krzanich as chief operating officer, a post from which he will continue to run manufacturing, but apparently he will also take control of internal IT and human resources. Not quite sure how much commonality there is between these various arms, but we are sure Kranich will not try to train a manufacturing line so that it can connect employees to their mail servers.

Krzanich has been running Intel’s manufacturing operations and was responsible for Intel’s successful transition to the 22-nanometer process, so that makes him a winner to headhunt typists.

Intel is also promoting Dadi Perlmutter, who was responsible for Intel’s chip design and development, to chief product officer. He is now Intel’s second in command alongside Sean Maloney, who is now heading Intel’s China operations.

Also promoted is Kirk Skaugen to run Intel’s PC Client Group, which was previously run by Mooly Eden. Skaugen ran Intel’s Data Center Group, and is credited with growing the division’s revenues from $6.5 billion in 2009 to over $10 billion last year.

Eden is moving to the Promised Land of Israel where Intel has a manufacturing plant and is the country’s top employer. Intel has heard rumours that rival GlobalFoundries is building a plant in Abu Dhabi, although the last we heard that project was on hold so the prospect of an Arab Israeli chip war might be a little one-sided.

Diane Bryant, previously Intel’s CIO, is taking over Eden’s work. Replacing Bryant as CIO will be Kim Stevenson, formerly the vice president of IT Global Operations and Services.

All of the shuffling will be in place in a month, as soon as the offices can be redecorated, and visas arranged.