Intel produces sound technology shocka

Fashion bag maker Intel seems to have been moving away from its roots lately, but it looks like its new SSD 730 series shows that there is still hardware life in the chipmaker yet.

Lately the SATA-based SSD world has been a bit of a snooze. Most current leading solid-state drives are pushing the upper limits of the 6Gbps SATA interface and can manage 500MB/sec in read-write bandwidth. This has made it difficult for anyone to tell the world “hey I am different.”

The Intel SSD 730 Series Solid State Drive is a consumer drive which uses the same Intel-built controller and NAND Flash design that Chipzilla used on its Enterprise DC S3500 series.

Chipzilla has improved its controller clock speed by 50 percent and the NAND Flash interface by another 20 percent.

Intel guarantees the new SSD 730 series for five years and rates the drive for 70 gigabytes of writes per day.

The drive has a good IO throughput, especially with small random 4K transfers and large sequential reads.

It is still a bit pricy at $249 for the 240GB drive and $489 for the 480GB variant. These are the pre-channel price so they will probably be cheaper when they actually hit the shops.

Still, it is nice to see Intel hitting the headlines for making some good technology again.