Intel predicts further growth

Intel announced it has amassed even more wealth in its quarterly results as it pulls further ahead in the chip market. 

Despite concerns over the PC market, and the lingering effects of the HDD shortage, Intel raked in $12.9 billion in the first quarter 2012, as CEO Paul Otellini looked to another year of growth.

The firm is now eyeing up revenues of around $13.6 billion in the second quarter, a quarter in which Otellini claimed “we’ll see the first Intel-based smartphones in the market”, as well as the anticipated Ivy Bridge launch.   

Intel’s Medfield smartphone chip is expected to make an apperance this week as it leverages its not inconsiderable weight towards new areas of the mobile computing market.

Intel is also seeing continued increases in Ultrabook uptake, and as TechEye heard at CeBit, the firm is optimistic overall for the future of the all-in-one market, despite some concerns around the way that the devices are being marketed to consumers.

While certain PC markets might not be setting the world alight, iSuppli stats showed a 13 percent growth in demand for the Chinese PC market.

The chip maker is certainly faring well in the overall chip market. A report released by Gartner showed that the semi industry drew in $306.8 billion in 2011, with Intel grabbing its highest ever market share.

Intel beat its 1998 best of 16.3 percent, accounting for a total of 16.5 percent of the semi industry’s revenues.

This meant a 20.7 percent revenue increase for the firm, jumping to $50.6 billion in 2011, up from $41.9 billion the previous year.

These increases allowed Intel to further pull ahead of its nearest rival Samsung, which grew its revenues one percent to account for 8.9 percent of the market.