Intel plans SSD additions

Intel is plotting to launch a range of 80GB and 40GB consumer focused SSDs, according to a leaked roadmap.

The company’s new plans, known as “Soda Creek” were leaked on French Mac site Macbidouille and the new products are expected to be available by the end of the year.

There are however no details on the devices apart from the fact that they will be built using a
34nm process.

And it also looks as though Intel isn’t stopping there. The company looks to be replacing its original line of X25-E SSDs, and planning to use multi-level cell NAND flash memory in its forthcoming Extreme branded drives. It also looks as though it has a 600GB SSD in the works too. The new line of Extreme drives, codenamed Lyndonville, will come in capacities of 160GB, 200GB and 400GB; a massive increase compared with the 32GB and 64GB X25-E drives available today.

According to the roadmap,  these drives will use a 25nm MLC NAND flash, which is most likely to be the process announced earlier this year.

At the same time Intel is set to double the capacity of its value X25-V drive. This old design uses 34nm flash and comes in a 40GB capacity. It will be replaced by an 80GB model that uses the same 25nm MLC flash as the X25-M update.