Intel moves to save 2-in-1Ultrabooks

Intel is hosting a symposium in Taipei attempting to get its supply chain partners to help reduce the costs of its 2-in-1 Ultrabook laptops.

Ultrabook take up has been as fast as a complete orbit around the galatic rim, and part of that has been because people are short of readies to by anything more expensive than a tablet or a smartphone.

Intel has set up an ecosystem symposium which is expected to draw hundreds of participants from local suppliers.

The idea is to discuss designs for 2-in-1 devices that can help switch between laptop and tablet modes, as well as how to reduce the power consumption of processors and the weight of components used in the devices.

Zane Ball, Intel vice president and general manager of global ecosystem development, said at a briefing that he expects the prices of 2-in-1 lightweight laptops to fall in the coming year because of lower component costs.

Most companies in the ecosystem can currently deliver a price point of US$399 for 2-in-1 Ultrabooks, but added that it will be a challenge to get the price down to US$299.

Of course this will mean giving Intel OEMs and other assorted riff-raff a Chinese burn until they say “uncle”.

Intel is still pinning its hopes on the Ultrabook as a way out of its troubles. It hopes the 2-in-1 idea could prevent the whole concept from dying completely.