Intel most admired semi company says Forbes

According to expert listmaker masquerading as a news site, Forbes, Intel is the number one “most admired” company in the semiconductor industry, despite being only the 31st most admired company out of all companies.

The chipmaker achieved the dubious title – and an overall score of 7.96 – after pipping Texas Instruments, TSMC, Applied Materials and Broadcom to the post. Littler chipper, AMD, only managed to scrape 15th position on the semis list, with a rather poor showing of 4.43 as an overall score.

But Intel shouldn’t feel too smug about itself either. After all, it came below the likes of Goldman Sachs, which was ranked eighth most admired company this year. Really Forbes? Really?

The most admired firm of all firms in the whole entire world is apparently Apple, followed by Google. Amazon comes fifth.

“What makes Apple so admired? Product, product, product,” says Forbes writer Christopher Tkaczyk.

Meanwhile Microsoft came 11th overall and 5th in the computer software section of list about lists of lists.

Interestingly, it was Intel’s “use of corporate assets” that proved to be its weak spot according to Forbes.

Oh well, at least both Intel and AMD made the cut. Nvidia didn’t.