Intel, Microsoft in global R&D spending top ten

Intel and Microsoft have been named as two of the top ten R&D spending companies worldwide in a European Commission report.

The “EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard” highlights the research and development spend by the top 1,500 companies in the world.  The latest report shows that Microsoft, Samsung and Intel are in the top ten, ranking second, fifth and eighth respectively.

Microsoft grew its R&D spending by 8.5 percent during 2011 to €7.5 billion, just below Toyota, at first place which spent €7.7 billion.

Meanwhile. Intel at eighth showed the largest growth in the top ten, with a 27 percent increase in R&D over 2011, resulting in a total of €6.4 for the year.

Both companies have been facing battles to retain their dominance in their respective markets in the face of increased competition as the PC landscape has continued to change, with ARM-based devices threatening the traditional leadership.

Outside of the top ten, one of the quickest increases in R&D outlay during the period was for Chinese firm Huawei. The telcosaw its expenditure rise by 48.5 percent to €2.9 billion during 2011.

Hewlett Packard was also found in the top 50, six places behind Huawei in 47th position, increasing spending to €2.5 billion.  HP CEO Meg Whitman vowed to double R&D spend earlier this year, as the company attempts to turn around its business as PC sales drop off.