Intel, Microsoft and IBM make most responsible business top 10

Intel, Microsoft and IBM have been named as members of the top ten most responsible businesses in the world.

The specifically titled Corporate Responsibility Magazine has listed the top 100 corporate citizens this week.

The top company was Bristol-Myers Squibb. IBM was seen as the second most corporately responsible company, Microsoft was number three and Intel was number four.

The list is restricted to publicly traded companies and is based on their environmental, climate change, human rights, employee relations, corporate governance, philanthropy and financial records.

Intel was apparently the best place for employees with its relations records set at top notch. Chipzilla also scored highly for its care for the environment.

Dirk Olin, Editor-in-Chief of CR Magazine said in a statement that the race between the top of the list was getting tighter with a shrinking differential between number one and number 100.

He said that the new standard of disclosure between companies makes it easier to grade them.

That might be the reason why Apple did not feature on the list at all. The company is so secret that it might be corporately responsible, but it is not telling anyone anything about what it does so it might as well be the business equivalent of Charles Manson.

After the top ten, the next tech business to feature on the list is Texas Instruments at number 25 and HP at 27.