Intel McAfee deal may be cleared next week

The European Union (EU) may give Intel the green light for its proposed $7.68 billion purchase of McAfee.

That’s according to the latest rumour on the technology grapevine, which is buzzing with the news that Intel may just get what it wants after offering more concessions to ease the EU’s antitrust concerns. The rumours kicked off after two sources with direct knowledge of the matter let the cat out of the bag to Reuters.

The EU began a probe of the deal in December citing fears over the potential effect Intel owning McAfee could have on the market. It was concerned that  Intel could use its dominant position to force customers to buy McAfee security products to unlock full processor power or other features on its chips.

Earlier this month Intel began offering a number of concessions, which have not been disclosed, in a bid to sweeten up the department and encourage it to push the deal through, and if the sources are to be believed it seems as though this has worked.

“The Commission’s clearance is likely next week,” one of the sources said.

The second source said the main element of Intel’s concessions related to interoperability features that would allow products from McAfee’s competitors to function on Intel products without restrictions. However, he added that the company had put deals forward to the EU, to allay its fears.

The company has already secured clearance from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to acquire the software company so all that’s left in its way is the mighty power of the EU.