Intel invests $77 million at Capital CEO Summit

Intel has announced 18 capital investments at its 11th annual Capital CEO Summit with deals totalling $77 million. 

Intel’s latest investments involve companies from 11 different countries: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States.

The main focus is to promote development in core PC and server market segments including cloud computing, mobility and wireless broadband access around the world.  The investments will also aim to drive advancements in smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and Intel executive vice president, believes that the painfully named “innovation investment” is vital to Intel’s future. 

“More and more devices will compute and connect to the Internet, called the ‘compute continuum’,” said Sodhani. “The technology developed by these companies supports the compute continuum from advancements in PCs and server trends, such as cloud computing, to building out the ecosystem around smart TVs and smartphones.”

Intel has had success with its previous capital investments, 2010 being a particularly good year with 28 portfolio companies having exited through an IPO or an acquisition.  

Investments include boo-box, one of the first technology-based ad systems in Brazil to address advertising on social media, Moscow based firm Rock Flow Dynamics offers high performance modelling software to simulate fluid and gas filtration dynamics of hydrocarbon underground reservoirs.

With an increasing interest in mobile, Intel also gave some dosh to Layar of Amsterdam which is developing an already popular augmented reality platform.

Other new investments are: Adaptivity, Althea Systems, Anobit, De Novo, IPTEGO, Lilliputian Systems, Inc, Ortiva Wireless, Select-TV, SilkRoad, Taifatech, Videon Central, Verismo Networks, Winchannel, YuMe and

Intel Capital also highlighted recent follow-on investments in Gain Span, JackBe, Fonality and Wortal.