Intel in Israel goes through sea change

There is something going on at Intel’s extensive Israeli holdings and the local press can’t quite put its finger on it.

In January, Intel announced a round of appointments, which took Intel Israel, and its general manager Maxine Fassberg by surprise.

Intel VP PC Client Group Mooly Eden was appointed general manager of Intel Israel. According to Intel, Fassberg was going to be subordinate to Eden and was just going to be manager of Israel’s manufacturing operations in the Promised Land.

Fassberg was incandescent with rage and thought that there must have been some mistake. Not only was this a considerable demotion, but Intel had failed to tell Fassberg what it was planning.

Intel said that she will likely stay on at the company for the time being, and her duties in her new position will include relations with the Israeli government. She will deal with the huge grants that Intel is due to receive to expand its production capacity in Israel.

It looks like someone at Intel had a plan and Fassberg was headed for her new role and office, probably in the lift or the corner of the cafeteria.

Imagine everyone’s surprise this morning when Intel announced that there had been a terrible mistake and said Fassberg will be reinstated as general manager of the company. Eden will serve only as company president.

Intel in Israel appears to be taking its lead from a chicken with its head cut off. Earlier this week it was scheduled to hold its annual press conference, where it would disclose its performance, but the event was postponed to “sometime in the future”. Apparently this was so Eden could participate in it when he returns to Israel. However, this is the second time that the event was postponed.