Intel in hot water in India

Intel is in danger of getting torn to shreds by Indian anti-trust watchdogs.

According to the Times of India, fair trade regulator Competition Commission has completed its investigations into global chip maker Intel’s alleged abuse of its dominant position in the Indian market.

The Commission has submitted a “voluminous” report into Intel’s Indian operations. So far it is not clear which recommendations the commission has but there are suggestions that it is not going to be kind.

According to the source, the director general of the CC looked into allegations that Intel abused its dominant market position and indulged in “restrictive trade practices”.

Intel insists that its Indian operation’s antics were entirely by the book and lawful.

It said that it had been co-operating with the Commission for the past 18 months based on a complaint filed in conjunction with a business legal dispute with an Indian distributor.

The law Intel is believed to have fallen foul of refers to discriminatory pricing and exclusionary relates to denial of market access, among others.