Intel imposes pay freeze inside

Intel is allegedly imposing a pay freeze on staff – and vacancies it has been posting have been left unfilled.

The company, which is trying to rearrange itself into a mobile player while leveraging Ultrabooks into a popular consumer device, has recently seen profits tank and revenues taking a significant drop. Intel hopes to claw the cash back, and according to sister site ChannelEye’s sources, there may be a pay freeze on to get it through the tough times.

“There’s been talk of pay freezes, while vacancies that have been left open for months have yet to be filled,” the sources said – adding that some departments are struggling as a result.

“There’s also been more pressure on both sales and marketing departments to perform better, which, without the right support and staff count has been hard, but that’s obviously the demons that we have to deal with rather than for the top level staff,” ChannelEye heard. “There’s however only so much we can do to promote the Ultrabook, and feed exciting, engaging info to resellers and consumers when we haven’t got all the tools to do it”. 

When reached for a comment, a spokesperson for Intel said the company does not comment on rumours or speculation.  It was hardly worth contacting Intel but we’re journalists and attempt to be even handed.