Intel gets in the Kno

Student tablet start-up Kno is about to get $30 million from Chipzilla.

Intel will take over the hardware design business of Kno, which will now focus on its software for its college market toys.

According to CNET, the cunning plan is that Intel will not make tablets, but take its hardware blueprints and share them with its OEM chums.

It will be good news for Kno which was considering dumping its hardware design arm and concentrating on software anyway.

A couple of months ago, Kno decided that the uptake in tablet production by a multitude of powerful device makers had made making hardware unimportant.

The plan is to offer software, textbooks and services to students on the iPad and Android tablets.

Although Kno had been in the headlines lately it had not shipped significant numbers of its touch-screen device.

Kno claimed in November that it would ship a $599 and $899 version of the tablet by the end of the year.

No pre-orders were fulfilled, although Kno roped in Foxconn to ship several hundred if them. However, it gave up earlier this year.