Intel fishes for Finnish talent

Just as the Finnish telephone maker Nokia is about to have a “seamless motion” of staff cuts, Intel has shown up in the country looking for 200 people to help with an R&D project it has lined up.

According to Reuters, Chipzilla plans to open a new research and development site in Finland. It can be no coincidence that Intel, which was working with Nokia on the MeeGo operating system, should want to hire hardware and software engineers.

Nokia has lost interest in MeeGo, even if it will release one device with it on board, and is instead moving to Windows Mobile 7, but it also has to get rid of a lot of staff as a result of its restructuring.

Unions fear that more than 5,000 jobs could be culled from Finland when Nokia announces its cunning plans at the end of April.

Chipzilla is not the only one snuffling around Finland looking for spare engineering talent. Google and Skype have said openly they want to do the same thing. Samsung is also luring away developers working on Nokia’s Symbian platform.