Intel eyes exascale speeds with InfiniBand purchase

Intel has splashed out on the InfiniBand business from networking firm QLogic with a view to pushing the boundaries of supercomputing up to exascales.

An agreement has been signed with QLogic, said to be worth around $125 million, with Intel set to benefit from high performance computing fabric technology.

This is in line with Intel’s plans to start hitting exaflop per second performances by 2018, which is more than a little bit fast – roughly a hundred times the speed of the quickest supercomputers around today, according to Intel.

The deal is set to see QLogic staff employed in the InfiniBand business incorporated into Intel’s always growing legions, with current product lines and assets also snapped up as part of the deal.

Clearly Intel is not too worried about spending the odd hundred million at the moment, after it announced massive profits yet again in 2011 despite many others struggling.

According to Intel VP Kirk Skaugen, who was involved in an Intel staff shake-up recently, the fabric technology owned by QLogic will help reach its Exascale goals towards the end of the decade.

The deal, which is also set to be finalised in the coming weeks, will boost Intel’s networking business, Skaugen says, and will offer improvements to customers of its datacentre services.