Intel explains the secret to peddling laptops in Lagos

Intel has been revealing a few of its secrets at Snowbit and one of them is a surprising figure about the sales of high end laptops in Lagos.

Christian Morales, who runs Intel’s operating in Europe, Middle East and Africa, told Forbes he was recently in Lagos, Nigeria, and discovered that most vendors were sold out on laptops based on the company’s core i5 and i7 processors; you can still find hardware with the slower i3 processors.

But hang on, thought Morales, that is not right. Lagos is not exactly the richest place in the world and the only people who appear to have money are those who are in the money laundering trade.

He reasons that people in any market like BMWs, Mercedes and premium technologies.

Morales said that if they think they are buying a de-featured product, they turn their backs.

Netbooks were a case in point. They were originally created for educational use in emerging markets, but they actually sold were in developed markets as secondary devices for people who already had more fully featured laptops.

It was mature markets where buyers first bought more notebooks than desktops but now the mix is similar in the rest of the world.

He said the main barrier to development in developing countries is not the price differentiation over desktop PCs but the fact that it still costs and arm and a leg to connect to the world wide wibble.

This is caused by monopolies in some countries, and the need for infrastructure upgrades in others.