Intel exec says Air France Brazil crash a total accident

A continuing class action case by the relatives of people who died when an Airbus plane crashed on its way to Brazil in June 2009 will, no doubt, be relieved to know that it had nothing to do with the Intel Corporation.

An Airbus 330-200 left from Paris and crashed not very very far away from Brazil, leaving 238 people dead.  A class action was filed on behalf of the dead people by their living relatives. They have claimed there was negligence by Intel, Motorola, Airbus, Thales and others, as we have reported.

A case was started against Intel and other defendants last year, but a judge ruled that none of the defendants had a claim to answer. That decision has been appealed.

Yet nn Intel executive told 150 or more journalists in San Francisco that he was glad the pilots had been vindicated. And the techology. He said that the crash probably happened because the plane flew into a thundercloud – a thundercloud that could not have predicted.

He said that in situations like this, the sensors normally fitted to planes failed. It is a very technical case and the case continues.