Intel donates $1.5 billion to struggling graphics firm

Out, no doubt, of a sense of largesse, chip giant Intel has decided to give Nvidia $1.5 billion so that the chip giant AKA Chipzilla doesn’t  have to pay top lawyers to argue it out in a court case that could last, potentially, forever.

Intel has licensed Nvidia technology – a real turn up for the book and a sign of the times that Intel is not the only chip giant in Satan Clara.

Intel will license Nvidia technology for six years over chip sets. Six years ago, Nvidia got a bit arsey when it appeared to be precluded from the chipset game.

Nvidia will pick up some Intel patents, but as far as we are aware – and the terms of the deal remain in camera, it doesn’t give the graphics contender rights to X86 tech.

But maybe it does. Strange everything happens after CES, in a way.

And what does this mean for Nvidia and ARM’s plans for world domination?