Intel digs for gold in the consumer market

Chip maker Intel has decided that it is worth following Jobs’ Mob and make a stab at peddling gear for the consumer market.

Speaking in Sydney, Intel marketing manager Kate Burleigh said Intel would broaden its marketing into the mainstream. This is a different stream from the creek which Intel normally tries to travel down, sometimes without a paddle.

However, Burleigh revealed a cunning plan which would see Chipzilla co-market its products with other brands.

She said that Intel would move away from the company’s long-term alignment with computer manufacturers and retailers.

Intel wanted to benefit from the “halo effect” that can accompany aligning with another respected brand in another sector.

She said that Intel’s brand was highly trusted, and it was seeing interest from other brands looking for the same benefits.

Each “branding alliance” would be done at a local level with Intel deciding to who it would partner with.

It wants to associate its products with something that is culturally identifiable. We guess that in the UK it would work with fish and chip shops, with the chips being Intel. In Italy, it would be bunga bunga parties which have Intel inside.

Burleigh would not reveal which potential partners Intel was considering so we are just guessing.

The event which Burleigh was talking at was over the sponsorship of the VIVID festival, which looks fairly typical of what it really has in mind.

According to the Australian,  that involved high tech light shows.