Intel defendant in latest scandal to plead guilty

Intel’s treasury department manager, Rajiv Goel, may plead guilty to his recent charge of games piracy worth $20 million, says eWeek.

Goel has been in trouble over an alleged insider trading scandal, believed to have netted profits of $20 million. He was the managing director of Intel’s treasury department at the time.

He is alleged to have given another defendant, Raj Rajaratnam, information regarding a company Intel had recently invested in, Clearwire. He is also said to have handed over private information about Intel’s fiscal reports before they were published.

Raj Rajartnam is said to have made approximately $579,000 in profits from the leaked data.

It looks likely that the 51 year old exec could admit guilt as early as this week. Goel was placed on “administrative leave” after he got nicked in October 2009 – following this, he left Intel just before the end of last year and was waiving indictment.

eWeek claims that this is a key step before a defendant is able to opt for a guilty plea.