Intel CTO Justin Rattner to step down

Industry veteran Justin Rattner is stepping down as Intel CTO after four decades in the company. Rattner recently turned 65 and Intel doesn’t keep employees in corporate posts once they hit that magic number.

It’s not quite like Logan’s Run. Rattner will stay at Intel in an undetermined role, but right now he is on leave, dealing with a family matter.

Rattner joined Intel back in 1973 after a brief stretch at HP and Xerox. In 1979 he was appointed Intel’s first principal engineer and he became Intel’s fourth fellow in 1988. He became one of the first Intel Senior Fellows in 2001. Intel did not name a successor, but whoever gets the job will be faced with plenty of challenges in the hot seat.

Under CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel is set to embark on programme aimed to improve its competiveness in mobile. So far Intel has not had much luck in the smartphone and tablet business, which has become a force to be reckoned with over the past three years. However, there are some positive signs for Intel.

Its next generation Silvermont architecture could prove more than a match for frugal ARM cores and the company is slowly starting to get high-profile design wins in mobile, such as the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.