Intel considers McAfee rebranding after founder's misadventures

*UPDATE Intel US has confirmed it won’t be re-branding its McAfee name.


After eccentric millionaire and antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee went on the run to avoid being questioned for a murder, some whispers have emerged that the Intel-owned security company will be rebranding to distance itself from the bizarre misadventures of the fugitive.

Intel and McAfee, concerned with their brand image, are considering renaming the firm – as reports come in that John McAfee suffered a heart attack in prison in Guetamala.

The story, which has run over the last three weeks, began with allegations that McAfee was posting on drug enthusiast forums about enjoying the headline-grabbing drug ‘Bath Salts’. Since, he has been wanted for questioning by authorities in Belize for the murder of an American neighbour.

McAfee had previously claimed that he was being pestered by the Gang Suppression Unit in Belize because he refused to pay a bribe to a local politician. He claimed earlier this year that the GSU forced its way into his research facility in Orange Walk, killed his dog, seized his passport, and arrested him on a falsified weapons charge. McAfee also said the GSU illegally took his firearms, and it wasn’t until the intervention of the American embassy before he was released.

Of course, for Intel – which wants to maintain its “squeaky clean image” – cough  – the organic search for the term ‘McAfee’ has been permanently altered. Rather than forum complaints about vapourware and free trials, users will be faced with a complicated and conspiratorial story of drugs, murder, and speculation in South America.

Intel bought McAfee in 2010.

Neither Intel nor McAfee would confirm or deny.

*Our favourite McAfee joke so far? This one’s from Popbitch: “Now John McAfee has been arrested by the Guatemalan authorities we can expect his case to move quickly. The trial is expected to last for only 30 days…”