Intel channel partners get stuck in Dubai

Delegates who attended Intel’s annual Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) in Dubai are struggling to get back home after vast areas of Europe became no-fly zones. The conference brings together channel players from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Intel was pushing “cloud computing” for all it was worth at ISS, but delegates wished they really were in the clouds as they all attempted the long trek back to Blighty.

One partner, who described himself as a member of the Intel-sponsored Dubai-London Endurance Race, described his journey back from Dubai to TechEye, today.

He said: “I am four days into the Intel sponsored Dubai-London Endurance Race.  Having made it from Dubai to Istanbul, we then managed to get a flight to Barcelona.

“Friends drove us to Perpignan in France, where we got the TGV to Paris.

“En route, some b***** nicked my phone. After fine Parisian dining on kebabs and almond biscuits – it seems Paris shut early these days, we retired to a ‘Best Western’.

“Once we fight our way onto a train for Le Havre today, we’ll be just a ferry ride to Portsmouth, train ride to London and London Transport back to home.

“Dubai to London is around six hours by air. If it takes four days, then the ‘Return from Intel’ will have taken 16X the normal time. Off to fight for the train. Bye!”

Any other members of the ISS Dubai-London Endurance Race care to tell us their tales? If so, drop us a line at