Intel cashes in on mobile boom

While Chipzilla has been unable to get many of its chips into mobile devices, the outfit has still been making a real killing on the shift to mobile gear.

According to Chipzilla’s Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith, the spread of mobile devices fuels “explosive” growth for processors used in data centres.

Smith told old Bloomberg that there was an insatiable demand for more performance and computing power that’s moving into the cloud.

This has created an explosive growth of the $10 billion dollar server chip business. Golly.

He thinks that this demand for chips used in computers that provide services and data over the Internet will not go away overnight and is more than making up for the fact that Chipzilla can’t get people to buy its Atom chips. Exactly what are Intel’s phone design wins?

Intel forecast second-quarter revenue that may be about $1 billion more than analysts had estimated.

Smith thinks that Intel will get cash from phone makers later this year, Smith said.

On April 19, Intel said second-quarter revenue will be $12.8 billion, plus or minus $500 million, compared with the $11.9 billion average, at the time, of analysts’ projections compiled by Bloomberg.