Intel buys Yogitech

RUNAWAY BEAR 14Chipzilla’s moves into the Internet of Stuff appear to know no bounds. This time it has written a cheque for an Italian company called Yogitech.

Yogitech does not make gear to help bears nick picnic baskets from visitors at Jellystone National Park, it makes Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for transportation and factory system safety.

ADAS also makes assisted parking possible and paves the way for fully autonomous vehicles. Intel thinks that 30 percent of the IoT market segment will require functional safety by 2020.

In a statement the company said Yogitech will get Intel an expert in semiconductor functional safety and related standards.

“The talented Yogitech team, based in Italy, will soon join Intel’s Internet of Things Group. This acquisition furthers our efforts to win in ADAS, robotics and autonomous machines for market segments like automotive, industrial and other IoT systems that require functional safety and high performance,” Chipzilla said.

At the moment Intel is keeping quiet on how much it paid and what its product roadmap will be. However it claims Yogitech will make its autonomous systems better than the average IoT.