Intel buys wearables company Recon

Leah-Recon-JetIntel has written a cheque for the maker of heads-up wearables geared towards sports.

Recon was a long term investment from Intel from its start-up days. Now it seems to be making stuff, Intel has decided that it wants a piece of the action.

There are no plans to dismantle Recon. A spokesIntel said that the company will continue selling, enhancing and marketing their products under the Recon brand without disruption.

Recon will be partnering with Intel’s New Devices Group on development of smart device platforms, so expect Intel to accelerate any Internet of Things initiatives it may be working on.

Recon hopes that the acquisition will provide resources as well as access to Intel’s massive technology portfolio. The wearable company can also tap into Intel’s expertise to accelerate product development.

Dan Eisenhardt is Recon’s co-founder and CEO said the acquisition has placed Recon in a uniquely advantageous position.

“We’ll continue leading the smart eyewear category for sports, and we’ll be able to bring our technology and innovation to completely new markets and use cases where activity-specific information, delivered instantly, can change the game.”

Recon uses ARM technology.  Intel already has several ARM licences.