Intel buys Egyptian SySDSoft

Intel has bought most of Cairo-based software company SySDSoft.

Along with it Intel will bring in about 100 of the company’s engineers and scientists, which Intel believes is “in the field of cutting-edge wireless technology” and is the “first of its kind for Intel in the Middle East”. We presume it means software in Egypt.

The awkwardly named SySDSoft designs stuff for software stacks and the physical layer domain, as well as RF/analog circuits to be chucked into mobile platforms. 

Not neccessarily true: talking to Israeli engineers at Mobile World Congress, TechEye learned that being a successful upstart in the Middle East can be lucrative. Intel likes to throw money at young hopefuls. 

SySDSoft will complement Intel Mobile Communications’ portfolio. It’s hoping to speed up its efforts in LTE, which is interesting when you recall Intel’s unbreakable commitment to WiMAX

Financial terms haven’t been disclosed but Intel has “most of the assets”.