Intel buys another wearable computer maker

Fashion bag maker Intel is looking for something with a little more technology inside it to complement its fashion bag range.

The company has written a cheque to buy the fitness-tracking band maker Basis Science.

Chipzilla is not saying how much it paid for Basis, which is one of the few to make a bob or to from digital watches that capture data such as heart rate, activity, and sleep.

Information is synched wirelessly to a smartphone which reads the data.

Wearable computing gear has become the latest thing thanks to inexpensive sensors and increasingly powerful smartphones that can be used to analyse data collected. As yet the health market is been one of the few areas that can find a use for the technology.

Mike Bell, general manager of Intel’s New Devices Group said that the acquisition of Basis Science provides immediate entry into the market with a leader in health tracking for wearable devices.

“We will build upon this foundation to deliver products that bring people greater utility and value,” he said.

Buying Basis speeds up Intel’s move into wearable computing, according to the chipmaker. Basis bands will continue to be sold at shops, but it was not clear if they would get Intel branding.