Intel and Taiwan turn backs on each other

Intel’s Paul Otellini, having braved the standard class airplane flight all of Intel’s staff allegedly take to Taiwan, may not be signing a Memorandum of Misunderstanding after all.

Otellini and Co. were thought to be signing an MOU on cloud computing services today. According to sources at Digitimes, Taiwan’s economic minister Shih Yen-shiang has decided he doesn’t want to meet Otellini and is sending along vice economics minister Huang Chung-chiu instead. But Huang may not be signing anything. 

Apparently Huang will pop down to the Intel press conference but won’t be dealing with any official documents on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, MOEA. If true, it’s the latest in a long line of misinformation, dilly-dallying and confusion. Intel has promised that it will keep its WiMAX promise – an MOU first signed in 2008 – but no one seems to really know what’s going on.

Earlier this year a spokesperson for Intel reassured the MOEA that it will make good on WiMAX delivery. But skeptics demanded a trip from Otellini to iron out the creases. With a rare visit from Otellini actually on the cards, the web tangles further – Minister Huang reportedly told DigiTimes in an interview that Taiwan knows Intel’s speaking WiMAX guff. Taiwan’s annoyed.

Is Taiwan piddling Intel just as it has been piddled?