Intel and IBM are "evil zionists" – Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has decided that the chipmaker Intel and the computer services outfit IBM are a bunch of nasty Zionists and banned their products from being advertised in the country.

Not that Iran has much choice. Intel and IBM gear is on a list of things that can’t be exported to Iran, but hell the thought was there.

Comedy president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed a new amendment to a law in the Islamic Republic that forbids the airing of advertisements for “Zionist companies.”

The blacklist is made up of international companies, mainly American, owned by Jews,  or that operate branches in Israel.

Under the law government ministries will establish a committee to identify and locate products from “Zionist” companies being sold in Iran.

The committee will have to find the names of leading figures in the blacklisted companies so that they may be boycotted too.

According to Ynet  all this is supposed to hurt Israel, but practically it is more to do with shoring up civilian support for the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post mentions Coca Cola as another banned substance.

AMD does not appear to be on the list we have seen, and some of its chips ended up in Iranian computers via a Middle East supplier backdoor. We are sure if Ahmadinejad could get his paws on Intel stuff he would not mind, the law only specifies that the goods are not supposed to be advertised, but since most chips come into Iran via illegal channels it should make no difference at all.