Insurance claims outsourced to Indian prisoners

Prisoners in India’s Cherlapally Central Jail in Hyderabad are to be given the chance to work for a call centre.

Around 250 prisoners will process insurance claims and bank account applications – for Indian companies at first, says Radiant Infosystems, but for US and UK customers soon too. Later, it says, it wants to put the inmates to work handling customer enquiries as well.

There’s no security risk, says Radiant, as the prisoners won’t have access to passwords or bank account details. And it’ll ban anyone convicted of fraud or robbery.

“Not every criminal is bad,” P Narasimha Reddy, additional inspector general of prisons, told the Deccan Herald.

The company plans to pick inmates with a good education, and they’ll be paid five times as much as their blue-collar brethren – up to three dollars a day. On release, they can expect better jobs, too. Apparently there are about 200 computer-literate prisoners in the jail who are expected to apply.

Radiant boasts some major clients around the world – including Goldman Sachs. The prisoners may find they fit in beautifully.